Guepard CaRES

Social Responsiblity

For nearly three decades, we have supported these charitable causes. We believe in contributing to the local economy and supporting the communities in which we work and live. Guepard Group has a long-standing tradition of giving to its communities, a tradition we are happy to uphold every single day.

Guepard Group has adapted JUST principals for its internal guiding light, which address many social issues such as:

- DIVERSITY: Non-Discrimination, Ethnic Diversity, Gender Diversity;

- EQUITY: Full Time, Employment, Pay Scale Equity, Union Friendly, Living Wage, Gender Pay Equity, Family Friendly;

- SAFETY: Occupational Safety, Hazardous Chemicals;

- WORKERS BENEFITS: Workers Happiness, Health Care,Continuing Education;

- LOCAL BENEFIT: Local Control, Local Sourcing;

- STEWARDSHIP: Responsible Investing, Volunteering, Positive Products, Charitable Giving, Animal Welfare, Transparency.

Guepard Group Corp will privately use the principles of JUST as a road map to improve their social equity policies and programs until they are ready to share their JUST scores with the public.

Projects completed for Affordable Housing

CPAN Projects – Affordable housing in City of Chicago for working professionals
Community Partners - Affordable housing in Lake Forrest, IL for full house renovations
HUD- Section 3

We also need to keep our minds and hearts open to our neighbors in our community, who are in need of our help and support

We work with assist organizations that are strategically aligned with our philosophy and efforts for continuous education, job creation and economic community development. We support our associates in many ways to show our support and care. Our major strategic partners are USMCA, HACIA, Women Chamber of Commerce and their sister agencies. As well as Women's Business Development Center (WBDC) for continued education.  We focus our support on five major areas of giving:

1.) job creation and economic impact
2.) local arts and culture
3.) education  
4.) conservation
5.) community development and social needs

We have facilitated creative partnerships with various local companies, for example:
Fire Rabbit Ceramics
Florist and Hound Design

Our care and concern goes beyond traditional contributions.

Most of our efforts are concentrated on the ones who can not speak for them selves and are totally dependent upon our kindness, completion, love and understanding of others. These efforts are based upon education and creating awareness of these issues. Conservation and love of animals, our environment and our planet  is very close to our hearts. We support animals by opening our hearts as well as our home. By opening our own home to to these animals we give them a safe and wonderful life full of love. We lead by example and teach our children love and completion to the animals who can not fend for themselves. We have 4 rescued dogs and 1 rescued cat, and 2 other cats and a parrot. Please join us in animal rescues and conservation efforts for the engendered species so we can preserve them for our children and their children.

World Wildlife Foundation
The Ocean Foundation

Michael with 4 month old baby Cheetah, Columbus Zoo's Conversations Efforts of the Zoo to save the species, June 2020.
Seal Taring at the Zoo
New Exhibit at the Zoo
Michael with Cheetahs
Susi Rapp from Columbus Zoo nd Michael Szymel
Suzi Rapp and Michael Szymel at Columbus Zoo
Michael Szymel and Suzi  Rapp, Columbus ZOO, August 2019

Michael with Canadian Lynx
Michael  and Suzi

Forest, our new adapted puppy, rescued July 2020.

We also need to invest in our future, our children who need our support and love in order to grow up as well adjusted citizens.

Guepard Football Club is a non-for-profit organization that Guepard Group Corp has created to provide affordable sports for our local boys by providing corporate sponsorship provided by local businesses to lower the costs of paying soccer. Guepard wants to make soccer an affordable and accessible sport for all boys. Traveling soccer team is serving the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Please contact us at with corporate donations or inquiries.

Michael and his new friends
Michael and Leo
Leo our new adapted cat in May of 2020